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E-Learning materials about platform

E-Learning materials about the Brand Model

A Brand Model for a Quality Sustainable Tourism

Brand Model - A case study

A bottom-up and participatory approach for the Quality Network

The QNeST Model for a Sustainable Tourism (improve your awareness)

An introduction to the QNeST model and its drivers, as main themes for a sustainable tourism

Focus on QNeST drivers and their evaluation

Discover the QNeST Opportunities

How to get the brand

The QNeST Brand is assigned in two steps:

  • The compilation of the Self-assessment, that consists in a few questions divided into the 4 thematic areas (drivers) foreseen by the project. For each thematic area (Cultural Heritage and Traditions, Mediterranean Diet, Accessibility and Well-being, Environment) a maximum score of 25 points can be reached, for a maximum total of 100 points. The first step is passed if the minimum score of 55 points is reached.
  • The compilation of the Questionnaire (Form 3), that includes specific questions divided into the various parameters. Each question corresponds to a score for a total of 100 points. The score is directly related to the importance and specificity of the application compared to the reference driver. The minimum score to be reached is 60 points out of 100.


Get the QNeST brand

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If the total score is at least 55 points, the applicant can proceed to the second step, filling out a questionnaire. The brand expert of the relevant partner will send the applicant the appropriate questionnaire and if necessary assist the applicant in its compilation.